One of the most amazing, humorous, creative, candid poet I've interacted with through his pieces and in real life. He shares a piece of his to the world; he speaks from his heart to yours, touching the innermost of your soul. If you haven't heard of him, then this is the moment. Don't resist the… Continue reading GUEST ALERT!!!



    "Close your eyes and count up to eight, Remember the Choir master's rhythm?" She said. "One- One. two, one- One, two, three, two, one, Sing up  to the highest octave you can, And always remember to close you ears too, and shut the two doors, Don't worry about the windows, I kept them… Continue reading THE TUNE THAT BINDS!

Dear Wife to Be

Dear future wife .. I hope you read this.

From A Man's Diary

I hope when we get married, it will be just me and you, stars and the moon are welcome.

I hope there will be no multitude to please,

And relatives that I haven’t seen for years, that suddenly think this is a good time to drink up some beers.

I hope you and I will walk ourselves to the aisle, since only we, can tell the story of us better than anybody else.

I hope there will be no priest who thinks he knows us better than we, and his “word” will be the base that will help us not sink.

I hope there will be no “million dollar advices”, from people who spark no life, yet strongly believe they have something to say to my beautiful wife.

I hope there will be no vows, to be repeated on stage like we some crowns….just sober and rational-personal decisions.

I hope…

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blueband and silver shoes

Royal blue band and Silver shoes.
Sometimes open eyes don’t hide what’s vivid before us. A caring heart may oversee the worst, but when accompanied with a witful brain, you tread carefully.



​There are those times you wake up and try to hum the morning away. Regardless of how joyous the tunes are you cannot avoid the cloud of sadness in your heart. It disturbs you, reminding you that something is not okay. When you feel it tickle you cannot help but think, “why am I sad though?” then you remember. He is not talking to you and he hasn’t returned your calls from yesterday. Is he that angry at you, or is someone consuming the time you two should be having? You know things will get back to normal, but the sooner, the better. You feel it’s good to make the first move, after all, are you not the one that annoyed him by nagging him too much about the amount of time he gives you? The value for the relationship is bigger than your ego. He comes first. Always.


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