I stood by the end of the street watching as they jumped around in glee. Hugs, High 5s, gay smiles, pats on the back and roaring laughter. The din swallowed all my thoughts and the best I could do was just stare. Stare at this Picture that told me a thousand words or the thousands of words they shouted, painted the picture I was staring at. It all seemed like a dream that I couldn’t wait to wake up from. But that was never the case. I felt like I was moving and with each stride I took towards them, my conscience seemed to get the better of me.


Echoed at the back of my mind.

‘Should I or should I not?’ I wondered.

However, I couldn’t bring myself to stop at any particular moment. I kept on going like a sheep in a herd. The urge was overwhelming. It reaped through me like a grim reaper. Stretching through every inch of my skin, through my veins, my nerves too. Every ounce of my blood had the toxin deeply embedded in it. My bones couldn’t shake a bit at it,s thought. It felt like madness. Absolute madness.


Well that may be true and that may also not be true.

I know you don’t understand. But I’ll try my best to make you be on the same page with me. Right from where it all began.


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