Howdy, my dear readers? Below  is an account by Writers Guild-Kenya of the great journey they undertook to put together their first Anthology, Through The Journey of Hope.

Have a read!

Writers Guild Kenya – Poetry Anthology

Writers Guild Kenya on Friday, 24th June, 2016 launched the First Poetry Anthology, Through the Journey of Hope. The Poetry Anthology brings together poems from 41 new generational poets most of whom drawn from Institutions of Higher Learning and Secondary Schools. The Anthology puts to an end months of publishing procedures which was undertaken by Writers Guild Kenya with a view to creating new opportunities for New Generational Poets seeking to address societal issues and other 21st Century problems.

The occasion was graced by literary Enthusiast and Administrator, Prof. Egara Kabaji, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology, and the face of new generation literary enthusiast and award winner, Tony Mochama. The two have in the past engaged in a ‘literary battle’ where the former referred to the later as a ‘literary gangster’ which the later used as a title of his award winning book. The launch provided a platform to ease the ‘literary tension’ and in a way handover the benefits of the literature to the new generation. The two officiated the launch of the book.

The book will be distributed and discussed among Writers under Writers Guild Kenya starting from Mombasa in July. The book was published by Writers Guild Kenya with technical assistance from Blue Mark Holdings Ltd. The launch saw about 143 people come from different institutions to start a new journey in writing. The young children from Maji Mazuri Children’s’ Centre, Mathare, were probably the most spectacular scene to watch. Other performances were received from Seasoned poets such as Gift Kithi and Griffins Ndhine. The event was moderated by Dekker William. Other guests who graced the occasion included the renowned writer, Mr. Silas Nyanchwani.


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