Some days ago I got to learn of the demise of one of a parent of one great friend that I cherish. Which got me thinking how short and unpredictable life can be. Remember the University students who perished while on a journey, for a weekend of merry-making?

Several people we grew up with and met their end in unexplained ways? Mysterious disappearance of our loved ones? Some found dead, others never to be seen again.

Always give thanks for life! It’s not for granted.

Cherish those you love and around you! They may not be around you forever.
Say what you need to say!

Forgive before you depart with all the pain and bitterness within you, gripping each end of your existence!

Let go of all the disappointments, heartbreaks and sad moments!

Uphold all good and bright memories you’ve experienced! Walk that new path that will brighten your life. Be your own happiness… joy and who you want to be. Worry not, let God worry for you and fulfill His plans for you.  hope. Always hope, for it doesn’t disappoint.

Wishing you a fulfilling life!!!


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