My Identity


Monday mornings are never the best in human history, I guess so. Though today seemed a little different. Thoughts!! Everyone has thoughts that subject us to partake different actions in our lives or stir something that may be the genesis of something great.

Identity and belonging are some of the fundamentals of the human social being in each and every stage of our lives. All the way since we were kids, we sought approval and attention from others, especially our parents. We wanted to be identified with a particular group for a particular reason, during our teen years, and some people would even go an extra mile just to prove that they are worth of who they are or whom they want to be.

In one of the episodes of an all time favorite TV shows, “BLACKISH” there is a stress on being Black, embracing black, identifying blacks and feeling the sense of belonging in a black community through interacting… i.e. the nod and the fist (mostly). Our Muslim brothers and sisters share a sense of a common religion, Islam, and when they meet, they waste no time sharing pleasantries with each other.

And this is what brought me to think of how a vast majority of the Global Faithfuls pass by each other, daily with no slight concern of how the other person is fairing on. However, today seemed different from my part.

I’m a Catholic faithful, and the rosary happens to be part and parcel of my daily life. Walking in haste I see a catholic nun walking towards my direction, seemingly in a rush too. Her lips signify that she is singing to a tune or mumbling some silent prayer to God to save this world from what it has become lately.. She doesn’t seem deterred by the cold breeze, freezing the Nairobi environs. I presume hastily that this will be a normal meet with a student around campus. I throw a last glance at her, to try and bring my mind to the view that I’m not aware of her identity. She looks, backs with a jovial aura clouding the moment. She smiles and surprisingly waves at me, I hesitantly wave back and smile, reciprocating her friendly gesture. My face, DAZED!

Well, Identity and a sense of belonging never departs from us!




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