The Devil’s Twilight



Today I meet the devil face to face,

I kept on ignoring this fact,

Not until I was hit squarely on the face,

That the reality unfolding before my eyes,

Needed some heavenly intervention.


Her captivating smile,

Her glistening pupils on her milky white eye balls,

Her deepened dimples,

Her curly hair,

Her outrageously beautiful voice,

All these falling in place,

Upon her fierce face


Her physique,
Her swaying hips that toss men,

Into her great stupor,

Her unbelievable seductive maneuvers,

That has left many as subjective fools,

Her long beautiful, colored nails,

That have clawed and scarred our hearts,

Leaving many soaked in pools,

Of regret, self hate, envy, anger, resentments, hurts.


She commanded,

I subjected,

She ordered,

I reordered my order,

Till I saw the light,

As dusk fell upon the weary world,

And in the twilight the sun rose,

As light overcame the devil.


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