By Lucy Mwaura


MY mother has always been very honest with me when it comes to life teachings. She tells me when she met my dad, he was just a simple poor village boy with only ambitions. But that did not stop her from falling in love. She accepted him as he was and within the eight years they lived together, they made major milestone in life. From living in a small, single rented room, to being able to build their own home, establishing their own business and; I’m sure they would have done even more, had death not snatched away the man she had invested her future with.

From this I’ve always believed in being a pillar behind a successful man and an inspiration to my own kids. I don’t want to be a clandestine beside a rich man, who I know nothing about the history of his wealth. Yes I know he’s filthy rich, but always remember that he’s also filthy in every other aspect. So let’s talk about the so-called SPONSORS and SPONSEES (we agreed the sponsored shall be called sponsees).

Every time I see a young girl riding in a Range with a man old enough or even older than her own father, I don’t see a lucky girl, rather I see the emptiness in her little mind. Being a sponsee doesn’t make anyone a heroine. I know you feel as a heroine when in that machine, but you should always remember that; behind that successful man there is a strong woman who stood by him through thick and thin, she stood by him during winter and summer. That woman could be your own mother…




Yeah I know you don’t care, you already sold your conscience to the devil in the name of money and nothing but money. OK, I understand. But truth be told, I’ve never heard of any independent woman that sells her body for money… yes I mean a Commercial Sex Worker or how else do I explain a woman who sleeps with men for money?



You call them SPONSERS, what do they sponsor and what do they get in return? We all know there is no love involved in these relationships but let me educate you my dear sisters. Honestly I’m not jealous of you because there is nothing to envy in you. Get these lessons from me, they may not mean anything to you now but someday they will make sense.

In the earlier years our mothers were patient enough to hold on to their men and build them to what they wanted them to be. Ask Kathy Kiuna who was from a posh estate why she got married to a ghetto boy who had nothing to offer. Why she agreed to live with this man in a widow’s home whereas she could have gone back to her rich parents and live comfortably as she was used to.

Our mothers held on because they knew a blessing awaited them. They knew the value of things not the prices. Today you tell me that a sponsor is better because you will never lack, yeah you will never lack anything with a price tag sweetheart, but you will lack everything that has value, which is important.

To tell you the truth you are wasting away your youthfulness with things that will never benefit you. Don’t look at today, think about tomorrow. Would you want to be the wife that cries every night while your husband chops away the money that you’ve so worked hard for with a girl your daughter’s age? Would you want to watch your own daughter disgrace herself with men older than.your husband? I guess not. I know you would want to be happy and true happiness doesn’t come from partying and riding on with sponsors. True happiness comes when you achieve your heart’s desire from your own sweat.

For as long as there is a woman somewhere suffering because of you, you can never progress. That young man who you underestimate could be the next president of the U.S. All he needs is your love and loyalty, that is enough to encourage him to work hard. Pray for your man and God will bless you… let the sponsors stay home with their wives and pay their son’s campus fees.

Seek Wisdom and true happiness. So far I’ve not heard of any sponsee that is successful, and you know why, because there’s a woman’s tears blocking your blessings. Everyone is entitled to God’s blessings, but how you seek these blessings is what matters. sponsors will only add to you curses. Work girl, work and make your mama proud…make yourself proud and be an exemplary example to your kids.


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