The world has a lot great influence in who we are, who we become and how we become who we become at the end. Some people end up being great people due the great influence around them or some end up being the worst version that they can ever be.

In as much as we would like to ignore the influence our friends, parents, enemies and our environment, on who we become, it still does happen.

Our experiences contribute also to this jigsaw, setting landmarks in our lives and leaving scars as well. Hearts are broken by those close to us, those whom we entrusted our deep secrets.

We end up morphing to counter these. To hide the scars in our souls. to hide the tears in our eyes and keep clear the debris of whom we used to be.

In as much as we would love to have company, be not a crowd “pleaser” and neither a hater of all. be content with God’s daily providence, and learn to listen to your heart and mind.



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