“Close your eyes and count up to eight,

Remember the Choir master’s rhythm?” She said.

One- One. two, one- One, two, three, two, one,

Sing up  to the highest octave you can,

And always remember to close you ears too,

and shut the two doors,

Don’t worry about the windows,

I kept them all shut,

When you feel peace fill your heart,

Come out of the closet.”

A young girl hiding in a closet (

Twenty years ago, I walked out of the closet to an empty house,

Devoid of family, life, and your presence,

That’s all I craved for,

Deep down my soul darkens,

As  i say  the same words to my little angel,

Her round, glowing eyes may be the last memory of her,

I dread the sound of my footsteps may be a little bit louder than her singing,

And she may grow up into the circle.




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