One of the most amazing, humorous, creative, candid poet I’ve interacted with through his pieces and in real life. He shares a piece of his to the world; he speaks from his heart to yours, touching the innermost of your soul. If you haven’t heard of him, then this is the moment.

Don’t resist the sensation. Take this moment and have an intimate session with him.

(Spoken word piece by Yung1)

What is matter? Matter is anything that occupies space and has weight.

This depression occupied a space in his mind and weighed him down, so yes, it mattered.

This piece is pertinent to his sanity.

It’s not in vanity the way he wrote this to gain some clarity.

It started in his late teens, self doubt started ricocheting off his brain like it were a Ping-Pong game.

They went back and forth the way you inhale, exhale.

Maybe it’s peer pressure, I mean his friends were good at so many things, back, heck, they were even good at being bad.

Then he started failing in school.

Maybe he was a flower child and school was depetalling him.

He knew the soundtrack to his life and right then it had a bad tune. This was uncalled for.

Hopelessness, outbursts, pain.

His life became mundane and it felt like his brain matter contained too much data.

Maybe it was puberty but what kind of hellish hormones were these that took away his liberty of living?

Weight loss, insomnia, I mean how could you move from being a morning bird to a night owl?

This was uncalled for.
The doctor said he might be depressed.

Depression caused by chemicals in his brain or genetics.

So he started playing truant cause he felt like a mutant.

Good thing his family was with him when his tears streamed out like waterfalls.

His road to recovery was long. Sometimes he would get suicidal, like why did depression choose him?

God knew his purpose cause he was still living for a reason.

He decided not to let his body become his own prison.

It wasn’t easy but at least he had support ready to comfort him.

He’s now pushing his pain through a pen.

May God see him through like Daniel in the lion’s den. Amen.


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