"Close your eyes and count up to eight, Remember the Choir master's rhythm?" She said. "One- One. two, one- One, two, three, two, one, Sing up  to the highest octave you can, And always remember to close you ears too, and shut the two doors, Don't worry about the windows, I kept them… Continue reading THE TUNE THAT BINDS!


New Book – Riverthink — Poesy plus Polemics

My newest book “Riverthink: Haiku, Senryu & Tanka” is now available at Amazon in paperback and kindle editions, as well as at Barnes & Noble or through your local book dealer. This collection of haiku and related forms came together faster than expected. It was initially scheduled for publication at year end. “Internationally acclaimed […]… Continue reading New Book – Riverthink — Poesy plus Polemics