"Close your eyes and count up to eight, Remember the Choir master's rhythm?" She said. "One- One. two, one- One, two, three, two, one, Sing up  to the highest octave you can, And always remember to close you ears too, and shut the two doors, Don't worry about the windows, I kept them… Continue reading THE TUNE THAT BINDS!



  They light up the sun by nightfall, So bright that I couldn't hold back, Neither relent your value, He said, 'And above all is love.' Much more than we could have, Dressed not to impress, But dressed to suppress, My emotions that broke me intense, And built us to be one, One, In the… Continue reading FRIENDSHIP.

New Book – Riverthink — Poesy plus Polemics

My newest book “Riverthink: Haiku, Senryu & Tanka” is now available at Amazon in paperback and kindle editions, as well as at Barnes & Noble or through your local book dealer. This collection of haiku and related forms came together faster than expected. It was initially scheduled for publication at year end. “Internationally acclaimed […]… Continue reading New Book – Riverthink — Poesy plus Polemics