They light up the sun by nightfall,

So bright that I couldn’t hold back,

Neither relent your value,

He said, ‘And above all is love.’

Much more than we could have,

Dressed not to impress,

But dressed to suppress,

My emotions that broke me intense,

And built us to be one,


In the midst of many we never walked alone,

Integrity, sobriety,

A view so serene,

Shaken but bound,

For we know friendship is a garden,

Tilled perpetually.



She Sat There Less Bewildered By Her Environment,

Her Focus Solely On The Product Of Distillation in her hand,

Why White?

Why Red?

Why Wine and not Whine?

Either Way, It Was Sweet!


Her Eye-catching Leg swung,
Back And Forth,
Back And Forth,
Just Like A Pendulum,
Unsettled By The Force Driving It,
She Couldn’t Take In The Punctuality Being Relayed,
And Her Comportment Said It All.


She Taps The Mahogany Top Twice,
In A Rather Cynical Rhythm,
Rhyming With Her Distorted Face,
Had It Turned Bitter Or Was It The Bartender’s Foul Scent?
Deterred By The Salivating Patrons.


It Was Time!


By Don Collins


People say I’m running mad
People say I’m out of my mind
People see what they want to see
People see what they perceive
They draw up their lines for me
They picture my life for me
They sire my babies for me
They carry my glory for me
I show love but they see weakness
I give them heart but they bring me stone
I give them spade, they dig my grave
I give an ear, they shred it to pieces
Those I love lay me with stitches
Those I hate kiss me with roses
Those I respect are only out for fame
Those I keep close are only out for gain
Man wants quick cash and riches
Man wants ahead of the game
Man thinks it is about flipping some switches
Man, I think you have to deep the grain
Take it or leave it, I have drawn my path
Take it or leave it, you can think all you like
Take it or leave it, I am just the best
Take it or leave it, I will pass my test.


a woman
She Sat Squarely Atop The Bar Stool,
Tapping The Wooden Counter Occasionally And Rhythmically,
She Eyed The Bartender Deserving,
Lusting His Masculine Physique,
Was He Going To Be Anything Close?

She Stirs Her Fancy Drink,
Savoring The Few Bundles Of Notes,
Her Change,
Waiting Patiently For The Unknown,
For All Of Her Known Were Dimmed.

A Classy Choice It Is,
She Hopes He Sees That Too,
The Aura, Ambiance, Expensive Menu, Flashy Personalities,
Her Impeccable Clad,
Her Wish Is That He Feels Her Too!