Dear Wife to Be

Dear future wife .. I hope you read this.

From A Man's Diary

I hope when we get married, it will be just me and you, stars and the moon are welcome.

I hope there will be no multitude to please,

And relatives that I haven’t seen for years, that suddenly think this is a good time to drink up some beers.

I hope you and I will walk ourselves to the aisle, since only we, can tell the story of us better than anybody else.

I hope there will be no priest who thinks he knows us better than we, and his “word” will be the base that will help us not sink.

I hope there will be no “million dollar advices”, from people who spark no life, yet strongly believe they have something to say to my beautiful wife.

I hope there will be no vows, to be repeated on stage like we some crowns….just sober and rational-personal decisions.

I hope…

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blueband and silver shoes

Royal blue band and Silver shoes.
Sometimes open eyes don’t hide what’s vivid before us. A caring heart may oversee the worst, but when accompanied with a witful brain, you tread carefully.



​There are those times you wake up and try to hum the morning away. Regardless of how joyous the tunes are you cannot avoid the cloud of sadness in your heart. It disturbs you, reminding you that something is not okay. When you feel it tickle you cannot help but think, “why am I sad though?” then you remember. He is not talking to you and he hasn’t returned your calls from yesterday. Is he that angry at you, or is someone consuming the time you two should be having? You know things will get back to normal, but the sooner, the better. You feel it’s good to make the first move, after all, are you not the one that annoyed him by nagging him too much about the amount of time he gives you? The value for the relationship is bigger than your ego. He comes first. Always.


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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life On Earth

After the Top Ten Lists of favorite Christmas Songs past and present, I was thinking I could use a hit too.  Just one!  The following is reblogged from the Sunday Night Blog.

A Hit For Christmas

Where's Christmas? Where’s Christmas?

I need a hit for Christmas
To turn the season green.
A snappy little holiday tune
Is really what I mean.
If I could just find somewhere
In my memory tonight
A verse, a phrase, some words of joy
To the world I would write.

“What is my theme?” I wonder
As I wander here and there.
Christmas songs make lots of cash
And why should I not share
In monies green and silver
But oh what shall I say?
After all I’m thinking now,
“What’s not been said of Christmas Day?”

I’ll write a Christmas Jingle.
Bells of joy will sound –
A song about Kris Kringle
Or snow upon…

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July covers:International edition

Spread Zone Blog

It’s a beautiful new month people. The shelves are now filling with new faces. Magazines! If you can’t resist them,this is for you..

Zoe Saldana is the front face for Allure magazine. I give them points for bringing out her face so nicely. What are your thoughts?

It’s a hot month for ladies. Tom Huddleston,the man who is bae to Taylor Swift,is dishing it nude on W magazine. Sip a glass of water,you’re allowed.

Presenting Kim,nudity and leather. This is what GQ is offering its male readership this month. Yes,you’ve seen her *naked* countless,but heck,her body never grows old!

Ebony magazine just gave us the most surprisingly amazing cover:A Prince tribute. Good thing is,we ain’t complaining. Hail to the music legend!

There’s just something about French actress Eva Green that always seems so deep and mystical.This is exactly that! Eva Green for W magazine.

Which was your best cover??

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